All-Fermented Skincare With A Purpose

Born out of the desire to do good for both people and Mother Earth, at the expense of neither.

CALM & SMOOTH for $99

($148 value)

Get both CALM and SMOOTH with our Signature Bundle! They are the perfect traveler size, good for all skin types, and nourishing for those dry winter days.

Our Signature Products

CALM Face & Eye Serum  |  SMOOTH Face Oil

On-The-Go Skincare Essentials

Gentle Sensitivity Relief

The only serum you need for sensitive skin. This lightweight yet highly effective serum calms and hydrates your skin and helps reset it to its natural state. Say goodbye to redness and irritation!

CALM Face & Eye Serum — $69

CALM Face & Eye Serum — $69

Deeply Nourishing Moisture

A powerful face oil that actively works on your skin to provide brightening, firming, and age-defying effects. 100% oil based treatment that locks in moisture all day!

SMOOTH Face Oil — $79

SMOOTH Face Oil — $79

Gentle 3-in-1 Cleansing

We often have a misconception that a cleanser needs to be harsh. Our 100% oil-based cleanser is gentle yet thorough. Buff away the day’s dirt, makeup, and debris without stripping your skin!

WASH Face Cleanser — $39

WASH Face Cleanser — $39

Daily, Moisturizing Protection

A biotic moisturizing day cream with SPF that is safe and 100% mineral-based. It blends like a dream for all skin tones and is perfect for everyday use with or without make-up.

DAY SPF Face Cream — $49

DAY SPF Face Cream — $49

Free of:

Mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, chemical sunscreen, colorants/perfumes, microplastic/microparticles, nano zinc oxide, and GMO.

Fermented Vegan Biotics, Your Skin's Super Hero

Our clean and bio-active products are made with all-fermented, superfood-charged ingredients to nourish and protect your skin’s microbiome. They soothe, hydrate and moisturize your skin, balance your skin pH, and provide anti-aging and anti-acne benefits with such a gentle efficacy only natural fermentation can deliver.

Produced With Care And Well-Being For All

For your Skin, Communities, and Mother Earth

Circulove was born out of a desire to do good for people and the planet in a sustainable way. Sustainability, circularity and well-being sit at the heart of everything that we do. This includes not only what is in our products but what our products are put into. We took special care to create packaging that aligns with our mission to do good. Every Circulove bottle helps clean up the oceans, too!


Natural ingredients sourced from Finland, the cleanest country


CO2 savings realized with our OWP packaging compared to virgin plastics


Pieces of plastic removed from the ocean

Clean Skincare For You

In The News

“If there is a recent movement in skin care, it has to be biotic and biome-friendly skin care. Having suffered from over sensitive, rosacea skin for all my life, I personally was intrigued by biome-friendly, skin-compatible ingredients that support long lasting results – not just quick fixes.”

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Uncompromised Quality

All our ingredients are responsibly, naturally sourced and vegan. We use only the purest ingredients available with no extra additives, including sulfates, parabens or fragrances. We believe your skin deserves 100% clean and fresh formulation with the highest synergistic efficacy possible.


Less Waste, More Purpose

We support living a circular lifestyle. Which means living a more conscious lifestyle that is mindful of ourselves and the planet. In everything we do, we strive for true sustainability and transparency.


Wellbeing For Everyone

Caring, sharing and daring are values close to our heart. We promote the act of doing good together, treating all people equally and celebrating diversity. For together we are stronger.

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Signature Bundle

Get both CALM and SMOOTH for just $99 ($148 value).

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