Biotic Skincare

A. Ingredients

Circulove’s clean and bio-active products are made with a unique combination of vegan, nutrient-dense, and organic ingredients to protect your skin’s microbiome.

About 85% of the ingredients are from Finland – the cleanest country in the world. All of our ingredients are ecologically cultivated or wildcrafted, and as local as possible in order to ensure purity of your product and skin.

What make our products so effective is not only our ingredients, but the carefully measured amount of each one. Many ratios were tested in order to find the perfect one that delivered the best results.

Pure, Natural Oils

Wild Herbs and Plants

Natural Scent

Free of:

Mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, chemical sunscreen, colorants/perfumes, microplastic/microparticles, nano zinc oxide, and GMO.

Circulove believes in full transparency and stands against “greenwashing” and superficial attempts to promote the “clean beauty movement.”

Our company lists all ingredient origins. We encourage you to do your own research based on our list, so that you can be educated and confident in what you are putting on your skin. We are happy to share additional information, just drop us a message!

B. Production Process

The quality of ingredients are carefully selected. Wild berries are way more potent than their domestically grown counterparts and locally grown ingredients are the next best thing.

Wildly and locally sourced ingredients ensure that no chemicals such as pesticides are used in the growing process.

Ingredients are sourced from small, local farmers, as well as young entrepreneurs who go out and forage for wild herbs and plants in the wilderness.

Circulove has several supplier partnerships, but we know every face of those who are involved in our supply chain.

Ingredients are further refined in small batches at a Finnish, family-owned green chemistry laboratory. Doing this at a local lab ensures the freshness of your products. Our production lab is also Ecocert®, Madesafe®, and CertClean® certified.

The premium quality oils are extracted via CO2 extraction and gentle cold-pressed extraction methods that retain their maximum benefits and potency. These highly potent oils are 99.8% pure oil contrary to traditional cosmetic purity of 70%.

As the next step – to further amplify the efficacy and nutrient absorption – the plant ingredients, extracts, pure oils and probiotic ferments will go through a slow 2-phase fermentation process that takes 3-5 weeks to complete. This gentle process naturally extracts complete skin nutrition and further multiplies the efficacy of the products. The end result is rich and powerful treatment for your skin.

Our thorough fermentation process results in the formation of vegan pre-, pro- and postbiotics, the amplification of vitamins & antioxidant levels and nutrient absorption, and even creates new compounds of amino acids, peptides, enzymes and short chain fatty acids. These biotics and micro-nutrients help restore skin’s natural balance and aid the renewal process, reduce inflammation and boost collagen production – effectively addressing a broad range of skin concerns and supporting skin at a deeper level.

After thorough quality control testing, our small batch product formulas are finally bottled in a compact, airless and germ-free packaging. Circulove’s recyclable bottles are made partly from Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) collected in the Java Sea and with the help of local fishermen. Our first packaging production batch removed 49,286 pieces of plastic bags from the ocean.

C. Synergy & Benefits For Your Skin

Ingredients are carefully picked based on the benefits they have for your skin, as well as their interaction with each other. We choose only those that have a good natural balance with each other to ensure a stabilized environment for your skin’s microbiome. Our thorough, handcrafted bio-fermentation process further amplifies the efficacy and mutual synergy of these precious ingredients and nutrients to a higher level. Your skin is its own ecosystem, living on and protecting us. Many products strip and disrupt the natural balance our skin creates, which can lead to more problems. We use only clean, natural ingredients straight from the Earth, which is how it was always intended.

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Pure, Natural Oils

Our natural oils are nutrient rich and aid in the restoration of the skin as well as the anti-aging process. Regular use of oil can help to improve the skin’s barrier function. The natural oils help improve skin tone, skin elasticity, and firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Wild Herbs and Plants

The wild herbs and plants included were all carefully selected for their nutrient properties that are overall good for the skin and help with specific skin issues. They were all formulated with ingredients that interact well with each other.

Natural Scent

We chose natural scents that also had a beneficial purpose. Circularity is about using only what is needed so we looked for ingredients that could have a dual purpose. This allows us to have no added, unnecessary ingredients in any of our products. 

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