It’s all about the synergy: ingredients + process, not one or the other

It’s all about the synergy: ingredients + process, not one or the other
In short, synergy means the interaction and cooperation of all the ingredients and the related process to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate, individual effects. That’s the ultimate impact of the quality ingredients in a carefully crafted formula going through a thorough, transformational fermentation process, that ultimately helps improve the well-being of the skin and keep it healthy and youthful.

Synergies in skincare can (and should) be achieved at all levels.
The first level of synergy is formed by carefully selecting the optimum combination of clean, quality ingredients; each with desirable effects on the skin. The way these ingredients interact and support each other in the formula is the key outcome criteria – even higher priority than any single ingredient individually. There’s no single ingredient, however powerful or extraordinary, that can cover all the needs of different skin types and different people. It’s the synergistic combination of all the ingredients in that formula that can deliver the most effective and comprehensive effects and results.

The next, higher level of synergy can be achieved when the whole skincare formula goes through a natural fermentation process. When done properly, this slow bio-fermentation process further enhances of existing antioxidant & vitamin levels, increases pre- and probiotic compounds and even creates new bio-actives such as peptides, enzymes, and short chain fatty acids with desirable smaller molecular sizes and higher bioavailability. This all can be achieved by a thorough, well-controlled interaction by quality ingredients through transformative natural fermentation processes, in a temperature controlled environment. This is where every ounce of the powerful nutrition of these pure ingredients is captured in the most optimal ratios. The pure oils of the highest-grade in the formula further amplify the performance.

The ultimate level of synergy is finally achieved where it really matters – on the skin. This is where the skincare formula meets the test of various skin types, conditions and environmental challenges such as pollution and sun exposure. However, it can easily become very complicated and complex for the skin to handle with multitude of different skincare products used daily and constant changes from product formulas to another. The best synergy with your skin can be achieved simply by using all natural and more holistic multi-purpose skincare products, such as Circulove, which work dynamically in unison with your various skin needs, underlying microbiome, and as an effortless, integral part of your overall skin care regimen.

Don’t fall for the “skincare trick of the month” or “the nicest colored packaging” trap. It’s fundamentally the synergy, the consistency, and the quality that matters long term. Be conscious and choose less but better.

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