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Multi-Active Microbiotic Essentials

Circulove | Biomecare


"Luxuriously simple yet naturally powerful."

Just a handful of carefully crafted multi-funtional microbiome skincare products gives you a flexible & sustainable foundation for a healthier skin and long lasting ageless benefits.

"Circulove takes over 30 days to slowly ferment each product, so that you can perfect your skin in less than 3 minutes a day. Incredible value!"

Unique Multi-Active Ferments™ formulations provide abundant anti-oxidants, hydration & moisture. They cleanse and balance your skin, soothe sensitiveness and blemishes, nourish the skin microbiome and protect skin barrier from outside stressors, pollution and aging UV/HEV light.

"They don't settle for just zero waste, Circulove also re-uses plastic waste to clean up the oceans."

All our product bottles are recycled or Ocean Waste Plastic based monomaterial, so they are super easy to recycle further. They've generated less carbon footprint than comparable glass or aluminium packaging. They are also the most lightweight, durable and hygienic options for everyday use & travel.

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Circulove | CALM

Soothing Mikrobiotic Milky Serum

With Fermented Arctic Wild Berries, Oat & Hemp GLA

12x Multi-Active Ferments™
Skin Perfect pH 5.0

A fast-absorbing antioxidant-rich serum that fortifies the skin’s microbiome, balances pH, provides redness-relief & long lasting moisture, and protects skin barrier against free radicals. Green Global Beauty Awards Winner 2021!

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Circulove | DAY

Protecting Microbiotic Face Cream SPF20

With Fermented Oat, Shea Butter & Olive Squalane

8x Multi-Active Ferments™
Skin Perfect pH 5.5

Easily absorbing, this broadly protecting, anti-aging day cream moisturizes and strengthens the skin and fortifies the skin barrier & microbiome. Coral reef safe, mineral-based zinc oxide ensures broad spectrum UVA/UVB/HEV protection SPF 20 and helps to prevent visible signs of aging all year round.

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Circulove | CLEAN

Purifying Mikrobiotic Micellar Toner Mist

With Fermented Green Tea, Aloe Vera & Himalayan Rice

7x Multi-Active Ferments™
Skin Perfect pH 5.5

Removes impurities and light makeup without stripping the skin’s natural protective barrier. Combines gentle cleansing with deep skin-balancing and hydrating benefits of a refreshing toner.

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Circulove | SMOOTH

Renewing Microbiotic Omega Oil Serum

With Fermented Lipids & Enriched Antioxidants

10x Multi-Active Ferments™
Skin Perfect pH 5.5

An easy absorbing, luxurious face oil serum that provides extra nourishment and dryness-relief to your skin. Fermented with 7 luxe, omega rich Nordic berry seed oils. It helps improve skin elasticity, cell renewal and clarity complexion while fortifying the skin microbiome.

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Don't Take Just Our Word For It


"Finally, one set that fulfills all the tasks of skincare! Personally, I'm a sworn natural cosmetics slapstick and sometimes the sea of jars makes me anxious! With Circulove, you can say goodbye to dozens of jars, that's all you really need. I'm really impressed."


"After spraying CLEAN fridge-cold on the face after being on the beach, I realized that it's really not just a cleanser, it's a wonderfully moisturizing and hydrating multifunctional product, just like a toner."


"CALM serum is superr! I like how it works as a serum for the eye area at the same time. This serum takes wonderful care of the skin and it feels radiant right away. CALM left such a great impression on my skin that it will continue to be on my shopping list in the future!"


"DAY cream is without doubt the best natural cosmetic cream with sunscreen block - I have never come across anything like this before. The product is well absorbing, fresh, and does not leave any stickiness on skin! Eventhough I don't normally use sunscreens, I could continue to use this one. The product would also be good for those who work inside offices if they need protection from blue light."


"I can't praise the SMOOTH oil enough. The perfect life partner! It feels rich and absorbs well, without leaving the skin feeling too oily. It felt like it almost kind of adapted to my skin. Possibly the best skin oil I've tried! Absolutely great also as a companion to gua sha and suction cups. I found my skin nourished, radiant, radiant and clear."


"I took CIRCULOVE products with me on a ten-day trip. The first great thing to note when traveling with carry-on baggage was how wonderfully light the Circulove bottles were! Due to their compact size, they really are perfect travel companions for skin care. All products work both separately and together just brilliantly. I love Circulove!"


"CLEAN works well in double cleansing to remove makeup residues after oil cleansing, and just as a toner, I sprayed it after a face wash, the scent is real pleasant."


"My favorite product is definitely CALM serum. This is what my skin is thirsty for and it also suits the skin around the eyes, which I think is a hit! The product works well as a skin soothing. You need oil or lotion on top, but you could almost get by with just this in the summer."


"Gold in a bottle! In this product, I liked absolutely everything. The composition was suitable, the yield was great, the aroma soft and this is indeed such a multipurpose product that covers at least five different uses on its own. I used this for things like serum, dry lips, cuticle moisturizing (that's awesome!), smoothing fluffy hair (very small amount) and even treating small scratches."




Our clean and bio-active products are made with all-fermented, Nordic superfood-charged ingredients to nourish, protect and strengthen your skin’s microbiome.

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Caring For The Planet

Circulove was born out of a desire to do good for people and the planet in a sustainable way. Sustainability, circularity and well-being sit at the heart of everything that we do. This includes not only what is in our products but what our products are put into. Through partnering with Ocean Waste Plastic by Pack Tech, we took special care to create packaging that aligns with our mission to do good. Now every Circulove bottle helps directly clean up the oceans!

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