Wild Natural Ingredients


Calm wild blueberries

All our products are 100% natural, clean and vegan. Our formulas are cruelty-free, organic, sustainably produced, and made in Finland. Over 85% of the ingredients are locally sourced in Finland - the cleanest country in the world -  and 70%-95% are of wildcrafted or organic origin.

Circulove products are certified natural cosmetics by Finnish FI-Natura. Their careful inspection process monitors and guarantees that the raw materials and products contained in the certified products truly meet all the rigorous criteria for natural cosmetics. Furthermore, our production lab in Finland is Ecocert®Madesafe®, and CertClean® certified.

Natural Skin Nutrition

The active ingredients are based on food-grade botanical oils, wild berries, herbs and plants. Moisture rich and super nourishing plant-based oils are easily recognized and absorbed by the skin. They can help improve skin tone, elasticity, signs of aging, and provide support to the natural moisture barrier.

Plant herbs and extracts have been used for centuries for their ability to help heal and repair the skin. Wild berries grown in the near arctic climate are real Nordic superfoods. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients the skin loves. We love blending these natural ingredients into our formulas for their many benefits.

What makes Circulove products so uniquely effective is that all the active ingredients in our formulas go through a careful 3-5 weeks long biofermentation. This also applies to the natural seed oils we use as active ingredients, which make them even more bio-active and easily absorbing.

Guess less, know better - see below the detailed list of our ingredients:

CLEAN | Cleansing Micellar Essence
CALM | Soothing Face & Eye Serum
DAY | Protecting Face Cream SPF20
SMOOTH | Nourishing Face Oil