Powered By Fermentation

Freshly fermented in small batches in Finland, Circulove is a true artisan, all-natural skincare. Fermented biotics is a completely new, holistic approach to support healthy skin microbiome. Circulove is not just skincare, it's biomecare.

Unlike other brands with fermented ingredients, we don't settle for just 1 or 2 industrially fermented extracts added into formula to claim the skin benefits. What is unique about Circulove products is that each and every active ingredient is slowly fermented, also the food-grade quality oils we use.

The whole formula works naturally and seamlessly together with your skin microbiome in a deeper, synergistic level. The levels of probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins are naturally amplified in the products through our slow bio-fermentation, so nothing supplemental is added. As an outcome, new compounds are formed, such as skin-treating amino acids, fatty acids, peptides, polyphenols, probiotics, and protective antioxidants. Ingredients are also further broken into smaller molecular size which enables better absorption into the skin and optimal bioavailabity for a skin microbiome. The skin-optimal pH levels of 5.0-5.5 are automatically achieved without separately added acids. All this makes our gentle formulas adaptable to any skin types or needs at any situation - naturally.

Perfection Takes Time

Rather than minutes or hours in a typical mass skincare production, our unique slow-fermenting process takes 3-5 weeks to prepare each of our biomecare formula into a final product. This small batch process ensures that we’re able to extract the full potency from already powerful ingredients and build a strong synergy between them to amplify a broad spectrum efficacy to address all your skin needs. We made it slow so that you can be swift.