Biomecare For Balanced Skin Barrier

Circulove - Fermented Biomecare

Skin microbiome is a collection of billions of bacteria and other micro-organisms living on and within your skin. It is also a crucial component - in fact a whole ecosystem - of the skin barrier function to protect and keep your skin healthy. An imbalanced microbiome is a root cause to many skin problems.

Your skin also reacts to the environment, seasons, your stress levels, hormonal changes, nutrition and lifestyle changes. It is constantly adjusting to wherever you’re bringing it, what you’re putting on it, and how you’re treating it. The more sensitive your skin is, the stronger it reacts. And in many cases, too much of a good thing - such as too concentrated ingredients - is a bad thing. The key is natural balance, not quick fixes.

Circulove Biomecare - A New Era Of Microbiotic Skincare

That's why we developed our slow Multi Active Ferments™ process, which enables highly synergistic formulas that gently and naturally adapt to your skin needs at any situations, and to help maintain a strong skin barrier and balanced microbiome. Circulove is not just skincare, it's biomecare.

Circulove's novel take on your skin microbiome is based on our slow Multi-Active Ferments™ process of 100% natural and clean ingredients. Our microbiotic products combat skin irritations, rosacea, acne and other unbalanced skin symptoms. We're the first skincare brand to transform all-natural Nordic superfood grade ingredients into all-fermented synergistic formulations to tackle your skin challanges from root to stem. Our minimalistic but multi-beneficial biomecare products are fundamentally designed to balance, nourish, protect and strengthen your skin and microbiome. By maintaining a healthy skin you will look and feel your best at every moment.

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