CALM Ingredients & Origin

CALM | Soothing Microbiotic Milky Serum

100% natural origin & vegan, organic and wildcrafted 93.5%. 12 fermented active ingredients, marked with . Skin optimal pH ~ 5.0.

FI-Natura certified natural cosmetics.

Natural scent from cucumber, white and green tea. 

Slow Fermentation | Multi-Active Ferments™
What is unique about Circulove products is that each and every active ingredient is fermented, including oils. The levels of probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins are naturally amplified in the products through bio-fermentation, so nothing supplemental is added. As an outcome, also new compounds are formed, such as skin-treating amino acids, fatty acids, peptides, polyphenols, probiotics, and protective antioxidants. Ingredients are further broken into smaller molecular size which enables better absorption into the skin and optimal bioavailabity for a skin microbiome.

 Raspberry Seed Oil is a Nordic superfood that contains incredibly comprehensive nutrition for skin including antioxidants like vitamin E, and the entire family of Omegas 3,6,9. Nordic Berry Seed Oil contains 20% more vitamin E (tocopherols) than an ordinary raspberry seed oil. Nourishing raspberry offers anti-inflammatory, soothing effects, and fights free-radicals. Origin: Finland.

 Jojoba Oil – this golden beauty elixir has impressive moisturizing benefits. Since it’s naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it works well with sensitive skin and can calm conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Origin: England, organic.

 Sunflower Seed Oil is a great source of vitamin E, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and is effective for combating skincare issues like acne, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin. Origin: England, organic.

 Hemp Oil is a Nordic superfood that is rich in rare gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and can help calm irritation while stimulating new cell renewal. It balances oily skin by hydrating it while regulating oil production. Origin: Finland.

 Rosehip Oil is packed with beauty essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A, E and C. These ingredients calm, hydrate skin and repair damaged skin, and provide a strong protective antioxidant boost. Origin: England.

 Oat (Lactobacillus Fermented Oat) & ⓕ Tapioca Starch & Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate – soothing, calming, and conditioning oat works wonderfully on dry, and/or redness-prone complexion – even on rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Rich in beta-glucan, proteins and flavonoids. Oat is also a natural prebiotic. Origin: Finland.

Rose Water is known for its beauty and intoxicating fragrance, but it’s also a formidable opponent against irritation – and therefore, a friend to sensitive skin. Soothing and revitalizing benefits. Perfect for dry, irritated or reddened skin. Origin: Bulgaria, organic.

 Lady’s Mantle is a sacred Nordic medicine for healing wounds is rich in astringents and tannins. It can also help to calm irritation such as rashes, acne, cuts. Origin: Finland.

 Blueberry Extract is naturally rich in protective antioxidants – this incredible berry fights free-radical damage. Blueberries are a natural source of prebiotics. Origin: Finland.

 Lingonberry Extract is an incredible source of Vitamin C, A (natural retinol), B1, B2, B3 (natural Niacinamide), E and calcium, sterols, polyphenols, magnesium, and omega-3. Lingonberry helps reduce redness and skin sensitivity, helps neutralize the effects of the sun’s radiation, and improves skin elasticity. Lingonberries are a key fruit berry in the Scandinavian diet and have been called “the new superfruit.” Origin: Finland.

 Cucumber is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, acne-fighting, and soothes irritation all while hydrating the skin. It also has a clean aroma that gives a natural, pleasant scent. Origin: Finland.

 White & Green Tea has antioxidants that have anti-aging properties by protecting the skin from free radicals. It also strengthens elastin and collagen which keeps skin young and glowing. Full of vitamins B2 and E which are essential for skin health. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritation, redness, etc. and is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals. It also has a pleasant natural scent. Origin: Sri Lanka.

Other ingredients:
Natural Spring Water from Multia Spring. Origin: Finland.
 Xanthan gum is made by fermenting sugar with specific bacteria. It’s a great stabilizer used in the food industry. Origin: Finland.
Ecocert approved, natural preservatives: Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydro Acetic Acid, Sorbic Acid and Benzoic Acid. Organic acids are naturally occurring compounds, present in many foods of plant origin, as well as produced during the fermentation of foods. Origin: England.

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