We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a refund. Please contact us at hello@circulove.com for assistance and we will look into any issue immediately.

Yes, you have full control of your subscription at ny time It's a service designed for you to give you an easy, steady and affordable way of using our products.

You can modify, pause or cancel your subscription & selected products at any time. And you will always get notified via email 3 days before your subscription renews so you can always adjust it before it ships.

We currently ship to most EU countries, as well as to UK, Switzwerland & Norway in Europe. We also ship to selected countries globally, including the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.


YES, we have FI-NATURA natural cosmetics certification for all our products. See criteria at FI-Natura page.

Absolutely. We never test our products on animals and we will never use ingredients that have been tested on animals either.

Facts: Animal testing in EU has been banned since 2004 for finished products and 2009 for ingredients.

Finished formulas are thoroughly tested for efficacy, purity and safety according to the stringest European Union cosmetics regulations. No animal testing.

Yes. 100%. We never use any animal-derived ingredients in our formulations.

Our products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or age, even the most sensitive skin. That's the power of slow fermentation as it enables the broad spectrum adaptability to any skin type.

Yes. We only use pure, clean ingredients. No retinoids, phthalates, preservatives, no chemical sunscreen or other additives. GMO-free also.

Our products are made in Finland, Europe. Approximately 85% of our ingredients are sourced locally in Finland, the cleanest country in the world, to secure full transparency and the highest pureness.

The Best Before Date can be found stamped on the bottom of our bottles (normally 2 years from the production when unopened). After opening, our products will remain potent for 6 months.

We can offer quite a long shelf life for Circulove products because of our unique slow biofermentation process of all active ingredients, including oils.

The batch number can always be found stamped on the bottom of our bottles and it guarantees the traceability of our products. 

You can recycle the bottle just using your country’s standard plastic recycling system.

Plastic in general is often considered “bad” but it's reuse and recycling is possible through an effective “closed loop”. Using already recycled plastic materials is often the least harmful option to minimize carbon footprint, and re-using it helps keeping plastic away from the nature.

We only use mono-material for easier recycling, and post-consumer recycled materials like Ocean Waste Plastics. Therefore, our bottles are 100% recyclable.

When buying our products, at the same time you directly help cleaning the oceans from plastic trash.


Our products are made in Finland, Europe. Approximately 85% of our ingredients are sourced locally from Finland, the cleanest country in the world, to secure transparency and pureness. You'll find details about our ingredients and origin here and on each product page.

No. Our products are fully free from parabens and mineral oils.

No. The scent in our products comes from a unique mix of cucumber, white and green tea.

We’ve chosen to use only food-grade active oils in our products that secures 99.8% purity - contrary to typical cosmetics oils of 70% purity. Our pure oils are used in the sustainable food industry, too. Skin food at it's best.


You can always send us an email at hello@circulove.com, and we are happy to help!