Fermented Goodies In Skincare - Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Artichoke And Licorice Root Extract
Hyaluronic acid and retinol have dominated the skincare scene for years, but a new wave of heroes is emerging: fermented ingredients. Fermentation breaks down actives into smaller, more bioavailable components that your skin can easily absorb.
Get ready to meet galactomyces fermented filtrate, artichoke and licorice root extract, the fermented powerhouses transforming your skin!
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Can You Wash Your Skin Wrong?
Facial cleansing, makeup removal, and choosing the right facial cleansers tailored to your skin are the ABCs of facial skincare. Incorporating facial cleansing into your daily skincare routine, both in the morning and at night, is essential. A common misconception...
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It's About Time For Spring Skin Care
Winter and the onset of spring are tough times for the skin. Fluctuating temperatures, wind and sun test the condition of the skin. The skin of the face is prone to weather stresses, so it is worth paying special attention to cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin also with spf when spring comes.
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Pampering Tips for Winter Skincare
The days are darker, the temperature has dropped, indoor air is dry – and with it, a number of weather-dependent skincare issues emerge. Winter skincare doesn’t require a lot of steps; you only need to follow some simple rules to keep your complexion glowing and healthy all season long. Here are some tips from our skincare experts…
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