10+ Ways to Use Circulove Fresh Micellar Mist

10+ Ways to Use Circulove Fresh Micellar Mist

Circulove CLEAN Fresh Micellar Mist is a true multifunctional product. It gently cleanses, moisturizes, brightens and balances the skin. It contains biofermented manuka, raspberry seed oil, hyaluronic acid, oats and rice to protect the skin's microbiome.

If you only want to use one skin care product, this is it! Also great for beginners in skincare who prefer the simplest solutions.


Here are the 10 benefits and uses of the product:


1. Cleanse

Spray CLEAN Fresh Micellar Mist onto the face and wipe the face after cleansing to remove the remnants of any cleansing tensides. You can also rinse your face with water. This treatment essence is also great for morning cleansing – it removes extra sebum that has risen on the skin during the night and thus makeup or moisturizer stays on the skin better. Also great right before showering!

If you use more makeup or your skin is very sensitive and dry, we recommend the oil-based creamy cleanser Circulove WASH. The number one choice for those suffering from oily and impure problem skin and inflammatory acne is CLEAN.

2. Hydrate

Close your eyes and spray Micellar Mist onto clean skin before applying face creams and oils. Your skin will feel fresh and cared for. If your skin is mixed/oily, you may not need a separate moisturizer. A great product also in summer to take to the summer cottage or on a trip!

If you're using a face oil in your skincare routine, it's especially important to apply the oil to hydrated and slightly damp skin. The oils soften and care for the skin, locking in moisture to the skin, but do not hydrate by themselves.

3. Refresh the skin throughout the day

Spray freshness on your face lightly throughout the day, also try storing the Micellar Mist in the fridge for an extra refreshing feeling on your face. The Mist is also great for hydrating the skin while traveling or in front of the computer.

4. Take on a trip, to the summer cottage and to the gym - also for young skin

The handy and lightweight 100ml bioplastic bottle travels with you on trips and to the gym. If you are a person of only one product, choose Circulove CLEAN Fresh Micellar Mist. CLEAN is also ideal as a young person's first skin care product when they want a simple but effective cleanser with a treatment!

5. After sunbathing

Circulove CLEAN Fresh Micellar Mist is an excellent natural and vegan after sun product – spray on face to soothe the skin. Tip: store the product in the refrigerator.

6. Gently brighten the skin

The gentle exfoliating ingredients of Circulove CLEAN Fresh Micellar Mist brighten the skin with daily use. The skin-friendly pH 5.5 does not strain your skin. You can spray a few layers of Micellar Mist on your face and leave on overnight.

7. Treatment of acne

The gentle ingredients of Circulove CLEAN Fresh Micellar Mist treat acne gently. In oil form, Manuka is up to 30 times more effective than tea tree oil, but much gentler on sensitive skin! In CLEAN we use a slowly fermented Manuka flower extract for an even gentler effect.

8. After hair removal

After sugaring or waxing, spray CLEAN Micellar Mist onto treated skin areas to soothe irritated and reddened skin. Great after shaving, too!

9. Scalp care

Use the CLEAN Micellar Mist to treat the scalp to ease itching, dryness and dandruff.

10. Double cleansing

If you use more makeup and have oily, blemish-prone skin, then it's a good idea to double cleanse your skin. For dry skin, a creamy oil cleanser is enough to remove makeup. Double cleansing is a gentle but effective cleansing method for the skin. First, remove dirt and makeup with the Circulove WASH Gentle Cream Cleanser. The oils in WASH also effectively remove waterproof makeup. After this, the skin itself is cleansed and the pores are properly accessed. Circulove CLEAN, which cleanses and shrinks pores, is ideal for this. In this way, your skin will feel good and impurities will not form.

11. Protects the skin microbiome

Surface dryness or oiliness of the skin can unexpectedly be caused by improper cleansing. Cleansing too effectively with prolonged use of high pH cleansers is often the cause of dry skin and even pimples or skin sensitization. Washing too hard can also cause the skin to become too oily as the skin starts produce more and more sebum. The fermented ingredients of the Circulove CLEAN Fresh Micellar Mist with optimal pH of 5.5. effectively balance and protect the skin's delicate microbiome.

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