5 Tips to Transition Your Skin Routine for Fall

5 Tips to Transition Your Skin Routine for Fall

Colder, windy days, less moisture in the air and indoor heaters - time to prepare your skin for autumn routines! Quality over quantity is the secret sauce also in skincare. Let’s create a beauty capsule collection of high-quality, multitasking products that enhance our natural beauty over time.

Here are our best tips for your skin to manage the changes in weather like a pro.

1. Switch for a caring cleanser

In the warm summer months, a purifying gel cleanser may have worked for your skin to cut through the excess sweat and oil. But with the weather cooling, opt for a more gentle and nourishing cleanser like our Circulove Clean Micellar Essence.

2. Richer moisturizer

As we’re heading into fall, your skin may need a richer facial oil. The lack of moisture dehydrates your skin, leaving behind a dry, flaky surface that highlights lines and wrinkles. Consider moving to our luxurious Circulove Smooth Facial Oil richly moisturizing for dry, mature and sensitive skin. You can also mix and match all Circulove products; so if you wish to have richer day cream add some Facial Oil into Circulove DAY Moisturizing Cream.

3. Add a serum into your routine

Consider using a serum before your facial oil in your routine. The combination of serum and facial oil provides your skin with the perfect balance of hydration and moisturization for a healthy, radiant complexion. Our Circulove Calm Serum is a perfect match for sensitive and redness prone skin.

4. DIY hydrating mask and gentler exfoliant

After summer it is time to reach for more hydrating masks. You can also do one by mixing serum and facial oil together. Perfect to retain moisture in your skin, keeping your complexion hydrated, plump and dewy.

In the fall, your skin is creating less oil and can be irritated by environmental factors like wind, rain and the changing temperature. During these months, exfoliate less and choose a gentler option. You can prepare a gentle exfoliator by mixing fine-grain salt to facial oil, massage gently to cleanse, soften and revitalize your skin.

Feel the difference of happier fall skin ever!

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