Pampering Tips for Winter Skincare

Pampering Tips for Winter Skincare

The days are darker, the temperature has dropped, indoor air is dry – and with it, a number of weather-dependent skincare issues emerge. Winter skincare doesn’t require a lot of steps; you only need to follow some simple rules to keep your complexion glowing and healthy all season long. Here are some tips from our skincare experts…

  1. Mix it up or layer up?
  2. Keep your skin barrier and biome strong
  3. Use a gentle cleanser
  4. Do not skip SPF!
Mix it up to make it easy

At Circulove, we like to mix & match our skincare based on how your skin feels. All of our products are biocompatible and designed to be mixed together. Circulove products are formulated to work well together. The ingredients in the entire line will work synergistically with one another to deliver optimal results. So mix a little of this and a drop of that, apply it all in one go, and you have personalized your skincare routine for the season!

Here are some easy tips:

  • Mix a drop of Circulove SMOOTH Face Oil with day cream to add extra moisture.
  • Circulove CALM Serum works as a wonder milk essence and can be used instead of a toner under day cream or face oil anytime, day or night. It makes your skin look and feel so smooth and bouncy! Perfect for eye and lip area too.

Prefer to Layer up?

If you do find your skin to be dryer during winter, layering is key and your products should be applied in a particular order. Your lighter day cream or serum should go on first, and follow with rich facial oil which will act as a barrier, allowing the moisture to be kept in the skin’s layers rather than pulled out by the dry outside air.

Remember: Circulove DAY CREAM with safe mineral SPF should always be applied on top. So if your skin is very dry, use Circulove CALM Serum before day cream to add hydration. Water-based serum should also always be used under water-free face oil to lock in moisture and hydration.

Use a gentle cleanser

Many gel-based cleansers work great at removing impurities but can be incredibly drying to your skin. Switching to something more gentle like an oil cleanser will help prevent this from happening and keep your skin happy. Circulove CLEAN Micellar Essence softly buffs away the day’s dirt, makeup and debris without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Do not skip SPF!

Many people think that they can skip their daily SPF during the winter. But just because you’re not laying out in the hot sun doesn’t mean you don’t need skin protection. Year round SPF is critical, and especially in the winter. Just because it’s a cold, cloudy day doesn’t mean you won’t be exposed to the strong UVA rays.

Use broad spectrum moisturizer with SPF such as the Circulove DAY Cream SPF 20. Safe mineral sunscreen helps to prevent visible signs of aging caused not only by the sun, but also by digital overexposure from computer and mobile screens.

Keep your skin barrier and biome strong – facial serums and oils

Look for skincare products that contain essential fatty acids and probiotics like fermented plants and natural oils. Cream-based moisturizers may be good at penetrating skin with moisture but they don’t help to seal moisture in. Oils on the other hand not only penetrate skin with good, fatty oils, they also help lock in moisture in the process so all the hydration doesn’t just evaporate. Some say that facial oils and serums are the holy grail of skincare products especially during the winter season.

Try Circulove CALM Serum - this water-based essence is perfect for adding hydration. To lock in moisture, use waterless Circulove SMOOTH Face oil.

Tailoring skincare routine according to the seasons really helps tune into the body's needs. Our skin often tells us when we need to make changes – it’s really just up to us to listen and be mindful!

And most importantly, just enjoy the wonderful season!


by Circulove beauty experts <3

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