Revolutionizing Microbiome Skincare: The Power of Microbiotics

Revolutionizing Microbiome Skincare: The Power of Microbiotics

Microbiome skincare is a completely new and comprehensive approach to skin care. In this approach, the skin is viewed as an ecosystem in which the skin functions together with the microbes that support its function. The microbes living on the skin form a unique microbiome for each individual. The microbiome consists of all living organisms on the skin's surface. When your skin's microbiome is in balance, it keeps harmful bacteria away from the skin, allowing good bacteria to function harmoniously on the skin's surface.

Why is the balance of the skin microbiome important?

The skin microbiome is a whole ecosystem whose job is to protect and keep your skin healthy. When disrupted, the microbiome can cause skin inflammation, irritation, itching, or rash. An imbalanced microbiome can be the root cause of many skin problems. Your skin can also react to seasons, stress, skincare products, hormonal changes, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. The more sensitive or sensitized your skin is, the more strongly and quickly it will react.

What the heck is a probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic?

Probiotics are naturally occurring microbes that live on the skin. Probiotics help keep the whole body as healthy as possible. Due to their difficult shelf life, probiotics are rarely used as is in skincare products - this is where postbiotics come into play. Prebiotics are food for probiotics. They help good microbes multiply, strengthening the skin's natural protection. Prebiotics are often added to cosmetics products. While helpful bacteria such as probiotics and prebiotics have been used as raw materials in skincare, scientific evidence is currently unclear as to whether they feed harmful or beneficial bacteria on the skin.

Postbiotics are often referred to as "non-living probiotics." Postbiotics are the stable form that is produced in the fermentation process. In a stable form, good bacteria can also be used in beauty care products. The fermentation process preserves the beneficial properties of probiotics. Postbiotics are like tea or coffee that preserves its good properties through the fermentation process. This is why non-living postbiotics can be even better and more effective than live bacteria in skincare products.

Fermenting microbiotics

Fermentation has gained great popularity in cosmetics as well. Many brands already have individual fermented raw materials, which are often obtained from finished broths through an accelerated process, i.e. quick fermentation and flash heating of plant-based raw materials. On the other hand, the highest quality brands ferment all active ingredients slowly, for up to 3-6 weeks, i.e. no added quick fermented raw materials are needed.

Fermentation means milk acid fermentation, in which the raw materials are acidified by bacteria such as Lactobacillus in an oxygen-free environment. Simply put, in fermentation, the raw materials are broken down into smaller pieces, allowing the skin to better utilize the active ingredients. The end product also produces new compounds such as skin-nourishing amino acids, fatty acids, peptides, vitamins, extra probiotics, postbiotics, and protective antioxidants.

Fermentation increases the shelf life and effectiveness of natural cosmetics. In addition, fermentation produces a naturally compatible pH balance for the skin. Fermented products are often excellent for sensitive skin, rash, acne, and preventing premature aging of the skin.

Find the balance of your skin microbiome naturally

Circulove products' unique, synergistic composition gently and naturally adapts to your skin's needs and helps maintain a strong and balanced microbiome.
Circulove is the first Scandinavian, fully fermented natural skincare brand. In accordance with the Nordic tradition, we use only fresh plants and berries and the purest plant oils in fermentation. The synergistic composition of the raw materials balances the skin's natural protective layer and microbiome.

What is unique about Circulove facial creams and toners is that each active ingredient is biofermented, including oils. This gives the product a natural suitability and ideal pH for the skin. Circulove does not add separate cosmetic probiotics to the product, but uses them as part of the process of initiating the actual fermentation process, in which natural probiotics and postbiotics continue to develop through slow fermentation.

Our high-quality, minimalist, and versatile products are designed to balance, nourish, protect, and strengthen your skin and its natural microbiome. Our products are free of harmful synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives and are suitable for all skin types. Our products are designed to be work perfectly together as a mix & match skincare routine.

Circulove includes only essential, multi-purpose products for all ages:

CLEAN | Refreshing Microbiotic Micellar Cleanser & Toner - a lazy skincare savior & travel companion
CALM | Soothing Microbiotic Milky Serum - also excellent for men
DAY | Protective Microbiotic Day Cream SPF20 broad spectrum protection - also winter time
SMOOTH | Renewing Microbiotic Oil Serum - also excellent as a facial massage oil

Welcome to the world of natural and fermented skincare!

Expert: Vitae Clean Cosmetics, Anu Ruohosto

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